The Final Conference of the IPA Cross-border Programme BiH – Montenegro Held

The Directorate for European Integration of the BiH Council of Ministers and the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro, with the assistance of the EU Delegation in BiH, organised the Final Conference on the occasion of the forthcoming finalisation of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme BiH – Montenegro 2007-2013. The event was held at the Holiday Hotel in Sarajevo, starting from 11 AM, on February 21, 2017.

IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH – Montenegro initiated in 2007. During the seven-year Programme implementation period, the allocation of IPA funds totalled 7.9 mil. euro, while 6.76 million was contracted out from this amount.

The funds were realised through the three Calls for Proposals (CfPs) that resulted in implementation of 35 contracted projects. The Programme encompasses 69 municipalities in BiH and in Montenegro, while the opportunity to benefit from the funds was available to public administration at local and regional level, as well as to publicly owned bodies, economic chambers, regional development agencies, professional and sports associations, civil society organisations and numerous non-profit bodies and organisations.

The attendees were welcomed by Zara Halilović, Assistant Director of the Directorate for European Integration of BiH, Ivana Glišević Đurović, acting General Director of the Montenegrin Ministry of European Affairs, and Melvin Asin, Head of Co-operation, Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina. They spoke about the Programme itself, as well as about the cooperation experiences between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro during the Programme period.

The results of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH – Montenegro, as well as one project from each of the CfPs were presented at the Conference.

Project ‘Via Dinarica’, which regards the Measure 1.1. that focuses on tourism and rural development was presented from the First CfP. Beneficiaries were the ‘Extreme Sports Club Limit’ from Bihać and the Centre for Sustainable Development of Tourism of Montenegro.

‘Let’s Save our River’, the project which concerns the Measure 1.2. aimed at improving the environment, was presented from the Second CfP. Beneficiaries included the ‘Democratic Centre Nove Nade’ from Visegrad, BiH,  and the Municipality of Mojkovac from Montenegro.

From the Third CfP, the project ‘Anti-Dop Ambassadors’ was showcased. The project is related to the Measure 1.3. – realisation of social cohesion and cultural exchange. Beneficiaries were NGO ‘Preporod’ from Niksic, Montenegro, and NGO ‘PROI’, from Sarajevo, BiH.

A promotional film about the Programme and some successful projects within, which was produced in the frames of IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme BiH – Montenegro 2007 – 2013, was shown at the Conference. The film can be watched through the link available here.