„Who are you and what is your right?“ campaign starts

With the support of the European Union, Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and its partner organizations implement project P.O.W.E.R. with a goal to provide new opportunities for work, employment and professional rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

Campaign „Who are you and what is your right?“ implementing in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, aims to raise public awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities, with emphasis on the right to work and employment.

People with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Montenegro are still facing with various forms of discrimination.  Lack of adequate educational programs, limited opportunities for gaining work experience, stigmatization, insufficient support of local communities, but also numerous obstacles in the surrounding, bring people with disabilities into a difficult situation when it comes to finding and retaining a job. Research among employers show that people with disabilities are excellent workers, quickly fit into collective work, are motivated to work, and often, by their commitment, encourage other employees to perform more productive work tasks.

Within the campaign „Who are you and what is your right?“ a short video will be broadcast on television in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, which very clearly points to the rights we have, including the right of people with disabilities to work and employment. Also, promotional leaflets and posters were created within the campaign, which will be distributed with the aim to publicize the rights of people with disabilities. In order to promote the quality of the project, an online campaign will be implemented, which will include the promotion of created material and raise the awareness of people with disbilities and the employers about the importance of employment.

The material is available on the website of Caritas of Bosnia and Herzegovina (www.caritas.ba).

The campaign is one of the activities of the POWER project – Creating new opportunities for work, employment and professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Project P.O.W.E.R. is funded by the European Union through the IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro and will last for 2 years. The total value of the project is 459,776 EUR, of which the European Union finances 390,800 EUR. The project is implemented by Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with partners from BiH and Montenegro: Archdiocesan Pastoral Youth Center “Ivan Pavao II”, Association of parents of children with special needs Vedri Osmijeh, e Fund for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Caritas of Bar Archidiocese, Association of Paraplegic Bar and Business Start-up Center from Bar.