Become a Certified Interpret Europe Guide

Twenty persons from Herzegovina and border areas of Montenegro will have the opportunity to attend the training and become certified guides to the Interpret Europe methodology as part of the cross-border cooperation project “Amusing Museums – aMUSeumING”. With certification, the guides and tourism sector will become more competitive in the market and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the destination in a new way. Interpret Europe is a European platform for cooperation and exchange, especially focused on research and education. Members may be persons, organizations and businesses from the tourism and cultural heritage sectors who work or plan to work as interpreters of cultural heritage. The training is intended for them.

Through training, participants will gain the skills to create deeper connections between the audience and the subject or site through very specific methods. In order, after the training, the participant really became a certified guide organizations Interpret Europe and got the certificate, it is necessary to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge through a written exam and performance of interpretive speech. Preparation for the training lasts up to a month through online communication, which is scheduled for May. After the preparation, during the summer (after the lifting of the current ban) is planned field training for a period of five days of intensive work with participants. Upon completion of the training, participants will be ready to plan and perform interpretive guidance, which will enhance the quality of their work, bring stronger memories and new experiences to visitors, which in this way will create an unbreakable connection with cultural and natural heritage.

Additional information and registration can be made up to 04/30/2020 at email or the email addresses listed below. All training costs, certification and membership for participants will be borne by the project.

The project cross-border cooperation “Amusing Museums” (aMUSeumING) funded by the European Union within the cross-border program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The project is jointly implemented by the LiNK Association from Mostar in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro (MNE) and the Municipality of Jablanica (BiH). The total value of the project is EUR 394,904, of which the European Union is financing EUR 333,575 (84,47%).


For more information, please contact:

Rasim Tulumović, project manager

Tel/Fax: +387 36 580 151

Mob: +387 61/894-916


Gabrijela Zekić Cvitković

Tel/Fax: +387 36 580 151

Mob: +387 63/445-597

E-mail: gabrijela@linkmostar