Environmental protection in the cross-border area of BiH and Montenegro raised to a higher level

There are countless ways in which each individual and society can contribute to environmental protection. Every, even the smallest step in that direction is important and can make a huge difference both locally and globally. Environmental protection, promotion of adaptation and mitigation of climate change, prevention and risk management are one of the focuses of the IPA II program, which covered and connected the cross-border area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In this context, through the implementation of joint projects, based on the efficient use of comparative advantages, this program has significantly contributed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development of the program area in the past period.

The project “Bear in Mind – Bringing environmental actions for biodiversity protection across the borders” attracted special public attention, thanks to which the capacities of institutions / organizations responsible for biodiversity protection were strengthened, and monitoring protocols for eight protected / endangered birds species were prepared and two species of mammals and purchased modern equipment for field work. This project includes the Blidinje Nature Park and the Sutjeska National Park in BiH, as well as the Piva Nature Park and the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro.









Significant results in proper waste management in the West Herzegovina Canton and the Bay of Kotor, as well as the accelerated development of legislative solutions that will be directly applicable in communities, were achieved through the “Youth Drive” project, which involved more than 4,000 young people from the two countries. Removing a large number of illegal dumps, setting up e-waste bins in all institutions, supporting the work of utility companies by donating equipment, raising awareness of citizens, especially young people in cross-border areas of BiH and Montenegro on the importance of proper waste management and environmental protection, concluding cross-border cooperation agreements as a basis for the sustainability of the above, are just some of the results achieved through the “Youth Drive”.

Establishment of functional regional cooperation, which resulted in reduction of waste in the six municipalities covered by the project (Jablanica, Konjic, Prozor-Rama, Savnik, Zabljak, Pljevlja), but also improvement of the integrated waste management system, and creation of public-private partnerships and transmission good practices were achieved within the project “Joint efforts for 5% less waste”. This was contributed by the formation of 12 green islands with 48 waste collection points, three underground waste separation containers, procurement of specialized equipment for waste management, recycling and composting, educational campaigns with primary school students and small local producers which brought to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, through the practice of recycling and composting.

“In the observed period, the amount of waste decreased from 1,920 tons in 2019 to 1,345 tons in 2021. This was caused by increased waste recycling and on-site separation, which significantly reduced the amount of waste at the landfill and extended its service life, and our company had additional income from the sale of recycled waste, “said Adis Šabanović, Head of Customers Relations of JKP “Jablanica” dd.

An additional contribution to improving the management and energy efficiency of the solid waste system was given by the project “Cross-border Environmental Initiative” by strengthening the capacity of institutions and people to implement environmental standards and raise awareness of the benefits of harmonization with EU standards in this area.

Special attention through the IPA II program is also paid to raising awareness about the rational use of water. For that purpose, through the project Action to Increase Energy and Water Efficiency of Water Supply Services”, eight action plans for the improvement of existing water supply systems were developed and implemented. The donation in the amount of 48,000 euros improved the equipment for the detection of water losses in four water supply systems and procured equipment for detecting faults and illegal connections to the water supply system. Some of the mentioned activities were carried out in Herceg Novi as well.

“For the last three years, we put the focus to the reduction of non-revenue water in the supply system of Herceg Novi, which is of multiple importance, both due to returning lost water to the system and reducing electricity costs as a plant for pumping and hydrophore plants. Through the project Action to increase energy and water efficiency of water supply services, we found friends in water companies with similar problems. The exchange of knowledge and experiences is valuable for all utility companies, as well as the deepening of the knowledge base with practice from EU countries, “said Olivera Doklestić, director of the company “Vodovod i kanalizacija “d.o.o. Herceg Novi.


Another project – “ Improving Water Supply Management in Urban and Rural Areas of Kolasin and Rogatica municipalities” resulted, among other things, in the construction of a water supply system in Plješevica in Rogatica municipality for over 300 households, and construction of a new and rehabilitation of five water intakes on „Mušovića river ” in Kolašin, which ensured regular and quality water supply.