Projektni događaji

Thanks to the European Union, the Municipality of Šavnik received a specialized machine for reducing waste


Within the project “Joint efforts for 5% Less Waste”, the Municipality of Šavnik received a specialized combined machine for waste reduction in the amount of 70,000 EUR.
On the occasion of the delivery of specialized combined machine, in the Municipality of Šavnik, Mayor, Vlatko Vuković pointed out that solid waste management for years one of the major problems not only in the municipality of Šavnik, but is one of the main problems of Montenegro, and that the realization of this project will greatly contribute to solving the problems in this municipality.


On Saturday, August 1, the Municipalities of Foča and Plužine organized the first international mountain race “PP PIVA – NP SUTJESKA TRAIL” with the support of the European Union which gathered runners from seven European countries. More than 100 participants from BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, UK and France competed in the 42km Strike (Marathon) category and the 25km Proletarian (Challenger) category, as well as in the 12km and 4km categories.

Municipalities of Foca and Pluzine started work on improving safety at tourist sites


Yesterday, as a part of the “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure (T.A.R.A)” Project, the municipalities of Foca (BiH) and Pluzine (Montenegro) organized 30 June 2020 a coordination meeting for members of their rescue services (civil protection, police, health institutions, fire services and associations, protection and rescue services, Mountain Rescue Service), where measures, standards and modern safety trends at tourist sites, risk management and rescue on water and under water were discussed.

Projectors and tablets for schools in the West Herzegovina County donated by the EU


Eight schools in the West Herzegovina County have received 8 projectors and 8 tablets which will facilitate access to online teaching for students in the West Herzegovina County. The equipment worth 7.600 EUR is provided by the European Union under the project contributing to raising awareness among young people on the proper disposal of waste and environmental protection.

Municipalities of Pluzine and Foca presented the joint project “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure (T.A.R.A)” at Belgrade Tourism Fair


The joint booth of the municipalities of Pluzine and Foca attracted significant attention of high officials, representatives of the tourism industry, the media, as well as many interested adventure and active tourism lovers at this year’s International Tourism Fair in Belgrade.

The first job fair for persons with disabilities in BiH held in Mostar


he first job fair for persons with disabilities held in the premises of Arena Sport Center in Mostar today to promote the right for work and employment of persons with disabilities in accordance with the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The fair was organized within the project POWER, funded by the European Union through the IPA II cross-border cooperation program Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Increased employment opportunities for PWD


Eleven persons with disabilities, who are engaged as interns in 11 different companies in BiH, will get mentors soon, who will work with them next 12 months and monitor and advise them on their working place. Training for mentors was held in the period from 16 to 18 January in Potoci, near Mostar, within the POWER project financed by European Union. Mentors are employees of the companies where the people with disabilities got the opportunity for internship and they will be a link between employer, trainee and project itself.