Searching for Partner

This interactive tool was created in purpose of providing potential applicants to the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme BiH-MNE with more effective and efficient way of identifying partners on the other side of the border. If you have project idea, but you have not found partner from the other side of the border, you might want to post your idea and contact details here in order for potential partner organisations to contact you. To submit your project idea please fill in the project idea submission form below. Please note that this template was meant for one project idea only. In case you have more than one project idea, please complete separate Project Fiche Form for each individual project idea.

List of recieved project ideas

Please note that project ideas and the contact information presented here have not been previewed nor have been approved in any way by JMC/JTS for IPA CBC BiH-MNE. This database serves ONLY as assistance to potential applicants in finding partner by providing information and contact details. Data presented here remain the sole responsibility of the project owners.

Form for submission of project ideas