Potential Applicants

In order to be eligible for a grant the applicants must be non-profit making legal persons, effectively established in either Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro. If, for example, the lead applicant is established in BiH at least one of its co-applicants must be established in Montenegro and vice versa. Detailed eligibility criteria regarding applicants are published in the guidelines for each of the call for proposals.

As an orientation, the type of potential applicants may be the following:

Within Thematic Priority 1 (Environment protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management):

  • Public authorities/institutions with competencies/responsibilities regarding climate change, risk prevention and management, such as flood/fire/landslides risk management, civic protection, water management, hydrometeorology, nature protection, agriculture and forestry, spatial planning; public institutions with competencies/responsibilities regarding climate change, nature protection, agriculture and forestry; civil society organisations active in the field of climate change, emergency services and humanitarian aid; education and training organisations and institutions; scientific and research organisations and institutions and Local and regional development agencies. .

Within Thematic Priority 2 (Encouraging tourism, cultural and natural heritage):

  • Local and regional authorities; local and regional organisations engaged in tourism or tourism related activities; organisations, institutions and authorities responsible for protection and management of the cultural and natural heritage; organisations and institutions working in the field of rural development; education and training organisations and institutions; research organisations and institution; CSOs active in the field of cultural or natural heritage, education, rural development and other related fields.