Thematic priorities (TPs)

TP 1: Promoting employment, labour mobility, social and cultural inclusion across the border

Lack of employment opportunities is one of the major threats in the programme area. It does affect the standard of living of the majority of the population and is a crucial cause of migration flows. Short term improvements are not likely and negative impacts might even worsen especially for vulnerable groups and rural population. There is a need for financial resources to support potential for improving employability and access to labour markets. An increase in use of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass, could create green jobs, particularly in smaller communities with few employment opportunities.

Specific objectives under this Thematic Priority include the following:

  • The access to the labour market and the environment for new employment generation are enhanced;
  • Employment opportunities and social inclusion of vulnerable groups are enhanced.

TP 2: Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaption and mitigation, risk prevention and management

While rich in natural resources, the programme area is also considered vulnerable and exposed to several risks of climate change. The pollution is also reason for serious concern. As these events do not stop at the border, CBC cooperation can make a difference especially in supporting regional and local administrations in improving their environmental, climate change and risk management planning and operational capacities. At the same time, promotional actions targeted to population at both sides of the border could enhance the efforts of the public institutions.

Specific objectives of the TP 2 are the following:

  • Cross-border coordination and joint actions improve the management and energy efficiency of local water supply, wastewater and solid waste systems, and the protection of environment;
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures and risk prevention and management measures are improved.

TP 3: Encouraging tourism, cultural and natural heritage

Correct use and promotion of landscape, natural resources and cultural heritage can contribute to opening the area to sustainable tourism as a way for economic growth.

Specific objective under the Thematic Priority 3 is to improve the quality and diversification of the tourism offer building on natural and cultural heritage.