About 40 persons with disabilities from BiH and Montenegro will receive training in beekeeping including additional support, which will enable them in running their own business and mutual networking within the project “People with disabilities – leaders in beekeeping”.

The project was launched on 19-20 June in Berane and Pale, in organisation by project partners – Association of parents of children and youth with disabilities “Our Initiative” from Podgorica and Association for helping children and youth with special needs “Sunce” from Pale. The project will enable people with disabilities to get employed, thus improve the quality of life and integration in their communities on an equal basis. Persons with disabilities will learn through training how to raise funds from various funds that can be utilised for the development of beekeeping and will also receive literature that can be of significant help to their future occupation. The establishment of two clusters of beekeepers is planned, one in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina each. The partner organization “Sunce” from BiH will purchase of honey and honey products packaging machine and two workers will be engaged in its operation.

The total value of the project “Persons with Disabilities-Leaders in Beekeeping” is 245’388 EUR, of which the European Union finances 85%, through the Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, while 15% is co-funded by partner organisations. The project is implemented by the Association “Our Initiative” from Podgorica with partner organizations from BiH and Montenegro: Association ‘’Sun’’ from Pale, Association of beekeepers “Uljanik” from Berane and Association of beekeepers “Pale”.