Valorisation of cultural and historical heritage as a path towards tourism development

Life on BiH/MNE Border: Ancient Traces of Ageless Heritage and Tradition project, supported through the Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, was launched at the end of March 2017. The project is implemented in Trebinje area and in the municipalities of Bileca in BiH and Niksic and Pluzine in Montenegro, aiming to develop functional cross-sectoral cooperation and to link cultural, historical and natural heritage with tourism in the cross-border area. The specific objective is to create and promote joint cross-border touristic products, by fostering partnerships in culture and tourism and restoring neglected cultural and historical heritage in project areas.


Miljan Vukovic, project coordinator, pointed out that this is a project that does not treat culture and tradition as a consumer category, but as a component of community development in the region. Besides tourism potential of cultural and historical heritage, through the implementation of this project, the heritage fulfills its basic purpose – connecting people and communities and becoming part of the European cultural heritage.

Some of the main project activities include mapping of insufficiently valued cultural and historical heritage facilities and sites, which will be included in the joint touristic offer of Trebinje, Bileca, Niksic and Pluzine; development of digital and printed presentations of a new tourist offer based on traditional connections and customs; development of a common plan for standardized and sustainable management of cultural and historical monuments, sites and facilities identified in the project area; revitalization of cultural and historical heritage through short interventions.

The project is implemented by the public institution Cultural Center Trebinje  (project coordinator), in partnership with the City of Trebinje, the Association of Citizens Center for Development of Herzegovina and Home, public institution Cultural Centre Pluzine, the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Montenegro and NGO Women’s Action. The project started in January 2018 and will last for 16 months. The total value of the project is 331.712,56 EUR, of which the European Union finances 85%. The remaining amount is co-financed by the City of Trebinje, public institution Cultural Center Trebinje, and public institution Center for Culture Pluzine.