Via Dinarica Showcased at the European Week of Regions and Cities

We are proud that CBC BiH-MNE, next to other CBC Programmes, has supported Via Dinarica in its early stages of cross-border development. Via Dinarica promotional video was showcased at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (view film).

Via Dinarica is considered to be one among the regional landmark programmes, promoting the concept of responsible tourism through connecting regions and countries along the Dinaric Alps and Sharr Mountain Range – from Slovenia and Croatia, through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro, to Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Via Dinarica links around 2000 km long mega-trail in a unique corridor that pins on the region’s diverse traditions, natural and cultural resources. Via Dinarica promotes tourism for the purpose of sustainable economic development of the region, while preserving the environment and respecting the sociocultural diversity and authenticity of local communities.

It was named the National Geographic Traveler‘s “Best of the World” destination for 2017.