Improvement of tourist offer through cross-border cooperation

A cross-border cooperation project “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure (T.A.R.A)” was officialy presented on 21st and 22nd Januray 2020 in Pluzine and Foča.  The aim of the project is developing and promoting the cross-border area of the two municipalities as a unique tourist destination for active tourism.

This is the second joint project of Foča and Pluzine Municipalities, which is based on the Tara rafting, as a joint tourist product, but also on the development of other forms of adrenaline tourism.

During the project presentation it was stated that the project consists of four parts: promotion, security, new tourism products and light tourism infrastructure. In the field of promotion, joint visits to fairs and production of promotional materials are planned, with particular emphasis on the promotion of rural tourism.

Foca and Pluzine will jointly organize one music and one sport event each, and it is a music concert and a mountain race. In the area of security, closer cooperation between rescue services will be established, new rescue equipment will be procured, and four rescue exercises organized.

Through this project, local communities will work on the development of new tourist products – kayaks, valorisation of caves, free climbing and wildlife and bird watching, and when it comes to light infrastructure, access to Tara will be made, a dock for boats at Piva Lake, viewpoints and signposts.

Foča Mayor Radisav Masic pointed out that the construction of the road on the right bank of the Tara has opened the possibility of sightseeing the largest canyon in Europe, which is protected by UNESCO, and on that side will be built viewpoints, while the river access will significantly improve the safety of rafting users.

“In places where rafters say that are the most dangerous, we will ensure that the accesses at these locations are not the most dangerous. In case of an accident, all those who need help will be able to evacuate”, Masic said.

Ljeposava Đajić, Director of Foča Tourism Organization, said that they will have a joint appearance with the project partners at the international tourism fair in Belgrade next month.

“The branding of the whole area, which is recognized as an internationally attractive area for adventure tourism, is important. We also need light tourism infrastructure, which will certainly contribute to the improvement of the tourist offer, as well as new tourist products”, said Djajic.

The director of the Piva Nature Park, Slobodan Delić, believes that the development of kayaks as a sport and as a tourist offer, then caving, free climbing, improving rural households and observing wildlife and birds will increase the number of tourists.

When we develop and present new tourism products, I am sure that we will attract the target groups, which will be retained for this reason, “Delic said.

The implementation of the project started on 1 December 2019 and it will last for two years, until the end of November 2021. The project is funded by the European Union under the Cross-border Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro in the amount of 499,654.00 EUR. The project is implemented by the Municipality of Pluzine in cooperation with the Municipality of Foca, Nature Park Piva and Tourist Organization Foca.