Regional cooperation for modernizing museums

Thanks to the cross-border cooperation of museums from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, with the financial support of the EU, the quality will be improved and the tourist offer will be enriched in accordance with new trends and technologies. At least two museum exhibitions in Jablanica and Nikšić will be modernized, with modern audio visual equipment and trained staff. In the autumn, visitors to the Jablanica Museum will have the opportunity to experience the Battle of the Neretva in a new way. The museum hopes that thanks to new technologies and interpretation, the number of visitors will increase to over 20,000 a year.

Over 20 museums and actors will create a unique tourism offering focusing on museums in central Montenegro and Herzegovina. The region will be promoted as a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse European destination. This should be a new and interesting offer that will also include the rural areas of the region.

For the first time, will be certified guides in accordance with the latest EU trends. Thanks to the project, the region will receive 20 certified interpreters of cultural heritage. The quality of accommodation, souvenir sales and catering services provided to tourists will also be improved. Providers of these services will be able to use technical support, enhance capacity through training, and enhance promotion and upgrade promotional material.

Cultural tourism accounts for 40% of all European tourism, and 4 out of 10 tourists choose their destination based on its cultural offer.

The Project Cross-border Cooperation “Amusing Museums” (aMUSeumING) funded by the EU Cross-border Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The Project is jointly implemented by the LiNK Association from Mostar and co-applicants from the National Museum of Montenegro (MNE) and the municipality of Jablanica (B&H). The total value of the project is EUR 394,904, of which the EU finances EUR 333,575 (84.47%).