Thanks to the European Union, the Municipality of Šavnik received a specialized machine for reducing waste

Within the project “Joint efforts for 5% Less Waste”, the Municipality of Šavnik received a specialized combined machine for waste reduction in the amount of 70,000 EUR.

On the occasion of the delivery of specialized combined machine, in the Municipality of Šavnik, Mayor, Vlatko Vuković pointed out that solid waste management for years one of the major problems not only in the municipality of Šavnik, but is one of the main problems of Montenegro, and that the realization of this project will greatly contribute to solving the problems in this municipality.

“A healthy environment is a precondition for the development of tourism and agriculture, which are strategic branches when it comes to the economic development of Šavnik.” Due to the inability of the municipality to invest in communal equipment and infrastructure, the situation in the communal area is not at a satisfactory level.

The issue of waste management in our municipality has not yet been adequately addressed, but joint efforts are being made by local government and state authorities to address this problem through the establishment of a sustainable waste management system. Therefore, the implementation of this project activity and the implementation of the entire project will be an important step in this direction, ie it will contribute to the improvement of the environment, especially having in mind the obligations that the state of Montenegro is obliged to fulfill under Chapter 27. Environment and climate change and the goal it wants to achieve – preservation and improvement of key natural resources, which will ultimately directly affect the health and quality of life of Montenegrin citizens. I thank the delegation of the European Union for the support provided and I am sure that we will continue with successful cooperation in the future, “said Vuković.

“Realization of this project activity will improve technical capacities when it comes to providing communal services and waste management policies in the Municipality of Savnik, which will enable the development of an integrated and environmentally friendly waste management system in 6 municipalities and increase the amount of recycled waste by 5%.  Despite the aggravation caused by the pandemic corona virus, thanks to the efforts of the project partners, so far implemented activities have realized the planned schedule, and we hope that the remaining activities successfully completed and the whole project is to give the expected result, “pointed out Milijana Ašanin, project coordinator for Municipality of Šavnik.

The project “Joint efforts for 5% Less Waste” is implemented within the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union in the amount of almost EUR 500,000, and implemented by the Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK (BiH) in partnership with the Municipality Jablanica (BiH), the Municipality of Šavnik (Montenegro), and the Pčelarskim udruženjem Matica, Pljevlja (Montenegro).