Young eco-poets raise their voices to bring nature back into their lives!

One of activities within the project “Joint Efforts for 5% Less Waste” funded by the European Union, is to encourage young people to get more involved in environment protection and change their perspective on how to treat it properly. Thus, students, eco-poets and five primary schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro wrote an ecological poet and recorded a video, in order to send a strong message about the need to return nature to their own backyards, schools and lives.

Elementary school students from Prozor-Rama, Jablanica and Ostrošac in BiH, and Pljevlja and Šavnik / Boan in Montenegro participated in the preparation and recording of the video. Through the recorded video, they tried to send a message to all citizens on how to treat nature properly, and you can watch them at this link.

This joint video is a certain introduction for the eco-competition that follows, where the expert jury will award the most successful videos in BiH and Montenegro, and also reward young participants with valuable prizes.

The goal of the project “Joint Efforts for 5% Less Waste” is to work on improving the efficiency of waste management and develop an integrated and environmentally sound system for its management in six municipalities, three in BiH (Jablanica, Prozor / Rama and Konjic) and three in Montenegro ( Savnik, Zabljak and Pljevlja), and work on increasing the amount of recycled waste by 5% by the end of 2021.

The project is funded by the European Union with 493.000 euros, and is implemented by the Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK from Mostar, in partnership with the Municipality of Jablanica (BiH), the Municipality of Savnik (MNE) and the Association Matica from Pljevlja (MNE).