The European Union is allocating 8,400,000 euros for the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2021-2027 within the framework of IPA III

Opportunity for new projects and development within IPA III

Since 2007, the main financial instrument of the European Union for providing assistance to beneficiary countries in gradual alignment with EU standards and policies, is the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). All with the aim of their membership in the European Union.  IPA represents comprehensive support for the process of European integration, through financial, technical and expert support for reforms.

The third generation of IPA, which refers to the financial period 2021-2027, IPA III (2021-2027), focuses on the main criteria for membership in the European Union, strengthening sustainable economic development and investments, and recovery from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As in previous years, IPA will also finance cross-border cooperation, which aims at the economic, social and territorial development of border areas by promoting reconciliation and building trust among local communities of border regions, and capacity building of users to manage EU programs, having in mind future structural funds.

In this context, the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2021-2027 will be implemented within the framework of IPA III. Its general goal is to contribute to the improvement of good neighbourly relations and the promotion of sustainable, dynamic, strong and connected communities. The program area, just like in the period 2014-2020, covers the territories in the south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the north-western part of Montenegro.

The total IPA funds available for its implementation in the amount to 8,400,000 euros will be aimed at environmental protection, promotion, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, risk management and prevention, but also at a better business environment and competitiveness through encouraging the development of tourism, protection of cultural and natural heritage.

More sustainable and better cultural/natural tourism products, improving the capacity of competent and emergency services to manage risks from natural and man-made disasters, improving the capacity of local authorities, business entities and civil society organizations to solve the challenges of climate change are just some of the expected results of the Program cross-border cooperation Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2021-2027 which will ultimately contribute to the improvement of living and working conditions in the border area.

In this way, the series of successes achieved through projects within the framework of IPA I and IPA II will continue, during which tourist services were improved and significant progress was made with the aim of creating new opportunities for further development, work, employment and motivating people to create better conditions through their own efforts for themselves and the community.

In order for EU support to be as efficient as possible, the key criteria for granting through the IPA III program will be the relevance of the requested IPA interventions and the maturity of the proposed projects. The mentioned program will be implemented through public calls for submission of project proposals.

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