In Focus

The Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro, as Operating Structure for the implementation of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program BiH-Montenegro 2014-2020, implementing promotional campaign for the purpose of Program promotion.

Dissemination of information about the possibilities offered by the Program, its significance for the local community, presentation of the results achieved so far and plans for the next period 2021-2027 are just some of the goals of promotional activities.

Through the promotional campaign, funding opportunities under IPA III will be presented and the importance of the participation of local representatives in the programming itself will be pointed out.

The overall objective of the IPA Cross-Border Program BiH-Montenegro 2014-2020 is to accelerate the joint sustainable development of the cross-border area, its economic, cultural, natural and human resources through the strengthening of human resources and joint institutional networks of local communities and local private and public players.