Better water supply through regional cooperation

Within the cross-border project, financed by EU, the employees of the Public Utility Company “Vrela Seljani” in Rogatica, on 8th of June started 10-day-training on detection of defects on water supply network.

The goal of the training is to, in addition to passive control, which implies repairing of visible leaks, approach active control, which means continuous monitoring and reduction of losses by searching for unnoticed leaks in order to reduce water losses. Active leak control is a proactive approach where Public Utility staff using leak detection equipment, investigate in the field to locate leaks. Loss management is important due to environmental, economic, hygienic and technological aspects of water supply security. It is an innovative approach in line with European standards.

The mayor of Rogatica, Milorad Jagodić, also addressed the participants, emphasizing the importance of this project and the training of employees in the utility company, in order to improve water supply service for citizens, since the goal of the municipal administration is to improve living and working conditions.

The training was organized within the project “Water supply management in urban and rural areas of  Kolasin and Rogatica municipalities” funded by the European Union in the amount of 486,661.00 euros, and implemented by the Municipality of Rogatica in cooperation with the Municipality of Kolasin. In the coming period, partners from Montenegro will also organize training to detect defects in the water supply network for their employees.